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august feroce five

these showed up today. they’d been rebarreled once, so i was pleased to find the centers weren’t welded to the rims. hoping for 15x9ish, measuring for final specs once the suspension is set. 

can not say enough good things about jesse streeter. you can get your stuff imported elsewhere, but you won’t get the excellent customer service and incomparably smooth transaction handling he offers.

boss kit

for years i’ve made do with an ebay hub. all of the kits ive seen follow the same basic design: a metal core with a corrugated rubber sheath and in some applications a plastic and foil contact ring for horn function. doesnt matter whether it costs $5 or $150, the basic design is the same. 

unless you manage to find yourself a vintage personal hub, like this one i came across on yahoo auctions japan.

machined out of a single piece of steel, this part is everything that the cheap pretenders could never be. solid.




annual snow days

tomorrow is 80-something so i thought it relevant to remind you that it looked like this a couple weeks ago. 


hoarding trannies



fun fact: out of all its contemporaries, the 1UZ was apparently the only engine to be FAA approved for powering an aircraft.


rear end


x36+ x72+x83


five lug x3. a first?

uses x8 front struts w spindle hub and brakes, x3 tophats lcas and crossmember, x7 steering rack with mounts and column.

differences are relatively minor between most of the parts involved.