x3 vs. x7

i was originally planning on using the x7 complete front suspension on my wagon: crossmember and steering rack and strut assemblies as a direct bolt-in. direct after cutting and welding anyway.

after comparing the crossmembers it affirms what i was told months ago. im going to have to combine the parts from each to get it all mounted correctly.

the crossmember to frame rail mounting points on the x7 are a couple inches wider.


the mounting points for the LCAs are too, and those are different between the sets as well. x3 still attached to the strut assembly on right:


Toyota is good about making their parts very interchangeable, so disassembling everything should yield a relatively complete parts bin with some options for shifting the geometry as necessary.

on the drivetrain side, more work was completed on tearing down the engine and cleaning the inches of caked-on sludge and grime.


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