back to basics

i’ve owned my miata longer than any of the other cars in my garage/driveway/backyard. i bought it in 2007 to build into a weekend track toy, but it never set tires to tarmac. pulling daily driver duty, it’s been through two engines, two timing belts, two radiators, two clutches, a water pump, four sets of tires, two sets of brake pads and rotors… multiple road trips, three houses and four jobs. all with a minimum amount of fuss and zero drama. calling it merely dependable would be doing the car a major disservice.

stage 1.5 was bolt ons and cheap as free springs, and the car finally had the snarl and bark to match the semi-serious shark mouth. it was still lacking proper bite though, and so i set about giving the little guy some real teeth. pulling this engine is almost rote behavior. i had everything out within 3 hours, pressure washed in five and put away inside of seven. i was moving too fast to get pictures of anything, but i took a break and snapped this early in the day.


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