#1 Automotive Trend That Needs to Die:


Fake HID headlights. Remember when these could only be found on Civics and Integras with Shogun or Invader body kits? Now they’re everywhere. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why their Herpes-like spread made the jump from the “import tuner” crowd into the mainstream, but I would guess it has something to do with more car manufacturers including REAL HID’s in their new car offerings and the fact that the market is flooded with sellers of the cheap Chinese knockoffs. Stupid people seem to be appropriately drawn to them like moths in some vain attempt at making their shitty cars look cooler.

You literally can’t drive anywhere after dark without getting caught in the glare of some fucker’s idea of a lighting “upgrade.” I spot at least ten offenders every morning in the 12 miles it takes me to get to work. You can easily spot them in oncoming traffic from miles away; the sickly blue glare literally shines in every direction. If you have ever been stuck in front of some douche blasting his awesome bro-ness across the visible spectrum and into your rear view, you understand why road rage is sometimes justified.

Why would anyone think that hacking together some cheap bulbs and a box of questionable electronic components into their cars is a good idea? The average driver can’t even aim their regular headlights correctly. I think this is actually a big part of the reason you see so many assholes in lifted trucks with fake HID’s. Once the truck is high enough, their headlights aren’t aimed to give the best view of the road anymore, so the obvious solution (for them) is to spend more money and get brighter ones instead of taking the five minutes it would take to adjust them properly. Instead of just being annoying to other traffic, they are now a dangerous distraction.

If you look at a non-HID headlight housing, you see that the lens and more commonly with recent designs, the reflective backing around the bulb is segmented to focus and direct the light into a beam. The beam is aimed towards the road surface and away from the windshields of oncoming traffic. Correctly setup HID headlights accomplish this by use or a projector, and this is what ALL of the shitty fake HID setups lack that make them so impractical to the driver and annoying to observers. The considerably higher light output from the HID bulb bounces around the non-projector housing and shines out in all directions with no regard to beam pattern or cutoff.

Some people are smart and use projectors retrofitted into their housings with clear covers replacing the original piece, but they make up a very small segment of the total population. So we’re stuck with retards who want to ruin their visibility and blind everyone else on the road simultaneously. You’d think law enforcement would have picked up on this growing trend and used it as a revenue generator. It would certainly be a better way to spend the effort than running speed traps and pulling people over for doing 5mph over the limit.


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