Let’s Talk.

It’s been too long. When I brought you home for the first time and we spent those giddy nights together, unable to sleep, we were dizzy at the seemingly endless possibilities stretching out in front of us. I pictured warm summer nights, visibility tinted crude yellows and oranges, heat rising off the asphalt and us just sitting together and taking in the stillness in the dark. You no doubt saw me as a new lease on life after sitting unwanted and unappreciated so long. The excitement and electricity in my touch as I ran my hand over your body sparked a connection, unmistakable – we were meant to be together.

I promised that day that I would never let you go. You became my number one priority and we knew this relationship would change each of us fundamentally. I had you naked almost immediately. You trusted me absolutely though and in no time I had taken everything that was broken in you and replaced it with something deeper, more fulfilling and more capable. Where you once had something in your core that was merely adequate, I made you complete again.

I can not think of a happier time than when I was under you, inside you, sweating and laboring with passion and care and dripping with our combining fluids.

Times changed though, and inevitably we fell under the influence of the stress and grind of my other life. My time with you became spare and even though it broke our hearts, we accepted it knowing we would be back together. It’s almost time again. You’ve been hidden away behind locked doors for too long. Our secret needs to be let out for everyone to see. I will keep my promise. We will have all the time in the world for each other, soon.

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