I Want THAT Car, 3rd Edition

Born in California, some of my earliest memories were of “neat cars,” usually brightly colored with flashing chrome accents and polished to the requisite Southern California luster. It’s no coincidence that small, open-topped racers have always held my attention. Among them the Porsche 914 is probably my favorite example: it’s the perfect execution of sporty simplicity and aesthetics. Set apart from its common British contemporaries, there are no wasted lines or curves – everything is done with the efficiency of German design.

And yet, the car manages to retain a soulful and endearing nature. The cockpit is honest, no unnecessary information to distract the driver from the experience. The roof can be ditched if you should want to get a better view of your surroundings as they flash by you. Porsche saw fit to provide you with the basics, the driver is responsible for everything else. No wonder then that this platform has been successfully modified and campaigned in various motorsports.

If the  flat-4 isn’t up to your performance standards, a variety of kits allow installation of many of the flat-6 motors from other Porsches. There are even ready-made setups for small block Chevy V8 power, if you want something more extreme… But I would be fine with a reliable 100% original driver any day.

…or maybe just a refresh and some new wheels.

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  1. I approve of this. Would you believe that my wife actually nags me to buy a 914? Most people’s wives nag them to do laundry. I’ll have one eventually.


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