I want THAT car, part deux.

When I was in high school, I used to ditch last period – computer lab – to drive around with my friends in my first car, a beater 1986 Olds Cutlass supreme. I never gave much thought to classic Japanese cars other than the occasional Z or first gen RX-7, we were more concerned with buying a 240sx or Corolla so we could go drift any of the (then unmolested) spots around our area. But the sight of a lime-green GT Liftback in someone’s sun-dappled driveway changed that forever. Unfamiliar as I was with the type, I thought that it was some sort of early 70’s model AMC or maybe even an Opel at first. As any native Texan will tell you, it is not wise to get too close to another person’s property uninvited, so we bailed. I saw the car driving numerous times over the next couple weeks and began using my spare Computer Lab time in a frenzied search for its identity. Finally, I caught the car at a gas station and managed to give it a thorough going-over. When I saw the cleaner lines of the coupe, I was hooked on the A2 Celica for good.

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