Need a Better Camera


The camera I have now is the one built into my iPhone 3Gs. Not the greatest, but it has taken some fun pics (after editing). My other camera was a Nikon FM10 I was messing with. We bought it for $8 from a Goodwill and the shutter did not work, so it was “fixed” by my ex and everything seemed to be great… Lens was there, the lever advanced the film, the button made the shutter click. The meter worked and so did everything else, or so I thought.

I took a couple rolls of cheap film to a drift event at Mineral Wells to test the camera out, I was snapping away at Ameen’s and Robert’s and Thomas’ Cressidas on the course and got some great shots of the stationary Drifting BRAT, but when I dropped them off during a lunch break to be developed the film came back totally blank. Fuck.

So I have a roll in the camera now that is almost finished but I haven’t had the drive to take the last 2 pics and take it to get developed since it will also be blank. Recent developments in life have made me wish I had a real camera. Film is fine, but digital would be better. I am giving serious consideration to selling/trading a bunch of junk to finance buying one…

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