x36+ x72+x83


five lug x3. a first?

uses x8 front struts w spindle hub and brakes, x3 tophats lcas and crossmember, x7 steering rack with mounts and column.

differences are relatively minor between most of the parts involved.




road trip comings and goings



made a one-day 16 hour trip to pick up some parts and ended up driving back with a car.

one step forward, two steps back

the extent of this engine’s sludge factor can be seen in better detail with the pans off. front main was toast. cam seals equally bad.


weight reduction…

… in the form of 16lbs of caked on sludge and dirt, now mostly gone.


street find: bumperless e12

these have to be getting rare.



street finds: remarkably beige rabbit


x3 vs. x7

i was originally planning on using the x7 complete front suspension on my wagon: crossmember and steering rack and strut assemblies as a direct bolt-in. direct after cutting and welding anyway.

after comparing the crossmembers it affirms what i was told months ago. im going to have to combine the parts from each to get it all mounted correctly.

the crossmember to frame rail mounting points on the x7 are a couple inches wider.


the mounting points for the LCAs are too, and those are different between the sets as well. x3 still attached to the strut assembly on right:


Toyota is good about making their parts very interchangeable, so disassembling everything should yield a relatively complete parts bin with some options for shifting the geometry as necessary.

on the drivetrain side, more work was completed on tearing down the engine and cleaning the inches of caked-on sludge and grime.




Spent the weekend working around this thing. Managed to get most of the removable stuff off the front/top/sides of the engine and soaked overnight to break up the caked-on crud. I made a day of pressure-washing and managed to get these things looking nice and shiny again.

The crank pulley is free, now I just need to continue the teardown. This has gone from a light refresh with a couple replaced gaskets to a full-on OEM gasket set replace everything that touches liquid kind of job. New water and oil pumps, timing belt kit and starter will be on order as well. As long as we’re going there, no reason not to replace the valve stem seals too right? Head gaskets and studs? Stopping just short of a rebuild seems logical, but might as well take a look at the bearings while I have the pan off…



 photo 6545152C-A80E-4B07-8578-B38384FA4560-8756-000002C3F6A749BA_zps3084ee9d.jpg

 photo 3B731EA6-12DA-45AE-A623-10D8109BD675-8756-000002C3E9ECF8FA_zpsf47075e8.jpg




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